Kitchen Sinks

Sinks are made of various materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, composite, bronze, cast iron. View our myriad collection here


Stainless Steel Sinks

Made either of 18-8, or 18-10 stainless steel. These grade 304 sinks are the trusted material in the kitchen


Composite Sinks

They are available in different colors and provides an alternative choice for the kitchen. Technological combinations brings added features to the sinks such as anti-bacterial proprieties, shock resistance etc. They are also known to the consumer as ‘granite sinks’


Ceramic Sinks

Often also called fireclay sinks. These are often used to complement a country kitchen theme

Types of installation




Inset sinks are easily maintained and easily changeable should the sink suffer any damage. Basically a cut out is created in the vanity top, and the sink is dropped in



Undermount sinks are installed by creating a cut out in the underlying structure and then placing the sink in it. After that, the Vanity overlaps the sinks hiding the edges of the sink under it. Although neat in appearance, these can cause maintenance issues in the future when water seeps in between the vanity top and the underlying structure causing rotten cabinets which then requires an expensive makeover


Flush Mount

The sink is flush with the vanity top. This installation requires high precision and should only be undertaken by the most skilled professionals. Because of the high level of skill, these installations costs more.

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