Bathroom Basins

Basins are made with a myriad of materials to suit every home decor taste. For a resort feel, bring that marble basin. For something traditional and affordable, go with the good old ceramic. For the discerning, go with a cast stone, a bronze basin, or a glass basin. There are so many we can’t name them. Take your pick from our profound selections


Ceramic Basins

They come in a variety of configurations; semi recess, overtop, countertop, undermount

Natural Stone

Straight from the marble, granite quarry to your home

Artificial Stone

They are the latest trends in bathroom design. Artificial stone allows great flexibility in design due to it’s ability to be easily worked. It materializes all imaginations possible. Take a look and be wowed!

Glass Basins

The luminance of the material exudes a certain luxury.A timeless classic, chic and outstanding.

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